Modi Era of Development, Trust and Global Leadership

    N mishra mp

    Dr. Narottam Mishra  

    Modi Era of Development- This is the golden era of India, that is taking the country ahead expeditiously with the concept of development to become a strong nation, where the lives of 130 crore Indians have countless joys, full of possibilities and dreams of realizing the comprehensive development of the society and the nation as a whole.

    The letter written by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to the citizens of India to mark the completion of six years of his government in office, reflects a glimpse of the golden chapter of Indian history. Surely it is a Modi era, which is giving direction to the world and progress of the nation besides strengthening the faith of crores of people, where new records are being set on the strength of the military, economic, political, cultural and psychological power of the world’s largest democratic country.

    PM a charismatic leader of the World


    As a matter of fact, Narendra Modi is such a charismatic leader of the World, who has paved the way for a Golden India by realizing the expectations, aspirations, fantasies and dreams of crores of people of this great country. After the independence, India has witnessed numerous situations of struggles till the seventh decade but fulfilled the constitutional duty of social justice very submissively by providing shelters to millions of homeless people in the Modi era. His vision was dedicated to the fulfillment of many needs of the country.

    Modi Era of Development: Government established new dimensions of success

    The Modi government established new dimensions of success by opening bank accounts, providing free gas as well as free electricity connections, construction of toilets for the poor besides implementing One Nation One Tax system and fulfilling the demands of the MSP of farmers and many such works concerning public welfare. The Modi government’s measures and efforts for providing affordable housing, laying a strong foundation of infrastructure development as well as public transport and Swachh Bharat are noteworthy.

    Continually committed for the development of the nation

    Prime Minister Modi’s passion and devotion towards building and strengthening the country is such that he spend his precious time amidst the soldiers every Diwali on the borders of the country. Hardly any head of the world has shown such an attitude to boost the courage of the soldiers by visiting the borders and celebrating the joy of the auspicious festival. On one hand, by accepting the age-old demand for One Rank One Pension, he has boosted the morale of the defense personnel to the seventh skies.


    At the same time his decision for creation of the post of Chief of Defense Staff has fortified the coordination among the three wings of the Armed Forces and made the Indian Armed Force one of the greatest forces of the world.

    Modi Era of Development: PM Modi’s credibility increased abroad

    Not only India but the entire world is influenced by the popularity, foresight and creativity of the Prime Minister of India. Reverberating slogans in praise of Modi in US also startled the President of US, Donald Trump, while the President of the US, the Superpower, depends on Modi to enhance his popularity in his own country. This is a unique example of global history that reflects the global and strong image of Prime Minister Modi.

    Balakot air strike was an historic move

    Be it the courageous and historic move of an air strike in Balakot in Pakistan, the aggressive diplomacy to force the Chinese army to retreat in Doklam, the pioneering move to boycott the SAARC conference held in Pakistan, he did not refrain from taking aggressive diplomatic steps like inviting BIMSTEC member countries for his oath ceremony. The countries of this organization account for about 21% of the global population.

    The total GDP of all these countries is more than 2.5 trillion dollars. Obviously this was considered as a brilliant step of the Modi Government to strengthen the country on the economic front as well as on the diplomatic front.

    Making the country technically stronger through ‘ Make in India’

    Determined and committed to make India, a Self Reliant and Developed nation, the Modi Government took the ‘Make in India’ initiative in 2014.  With the aim of encouraging manufacturing in the country and strengthening the economy through investment, the emphasis was laid on automobiles, mining, electronics and other sectors. This had a very positive effect and India overtook US and China and has topped in the foreign direct investment in 2015.

    Modi Era of Development: The country is moving expeditiously towards Digital India

       It is a miracle of the policies of the Modi government alone that India, which has the second largest population of the world, is moving expeditiously towards Digital India by defeating backwardness. Under this ambitious scheme, digital power will be extended to every citizen of the country and target has been set to link them with broadband, highway, e-governance, skill development programmes, internet including smart phones, public internet access programmess and e-Kranti plan.

    Smart cities and clean India are making the country different

    N mishra with PM

    The country is on the verge of becoming a modern nation and the work to make selected cities as Smart Cities is underway speedily. With the creation of Smart Cities, urban areas will be fully equipped with new technology. The Smart city will be such a place where information technology will play a major role in meeting the infrastructure and basic needs. It is a priority for the government and society to establish India’s identity in the world as a clean country. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is the biggest cleanliness campaign in the world, which is being run by the Government of India.

    Modi Era of Development: Creating history by removing Section 370

    Ever since the Independence, the Article 370 was challenging India’s pride. The Modi Government abrogated this article and made Mother India proud. Since long, our generations are waiting for the construction of grand Ram Temple of Maryada Purushottam Lord Rama, which dwells in every beat of the countrymen.

    This happiness received in the Modi era is unforgettable. Whether the Triple Talaq, which was a hindrance in the modern social system or a Citizenship Amendment Act designed to lessen the suffering of persecuted and banished people in neighbouring countries, all these will be remembered for ages.  

    ATAMNIRBHAR BHARAT is an initiative of self reliance

     In a strong fight against the Corona pandemic, by giving a mantra of Self-Reliance of 20 lakh crore, the beloved son of Mother India and the Prime Minister of the country once again reflected that this great country is not going to bow down or stop by any impediment but it is determined to create history by fighting every adverse situation.

    Writer is Home, Public Health and Family Welfare Minister of Madhya Pradesh