If the situation in India remain the same, instability can increase in the coming decade..

creamatorium for corona patients
Dr. Brahmadeep  Alune, Political analyst
If the situation in India remain the same.....then...? The great painter and one of the most-influential artists of the 20th century Pablo Picasso said that Youth starts at the age of sixty. Although he never said that after fifteen years,when the age is seventy five years,it also ends. The country's economic growth rate was 10.08 percent in the 60th year of India's independence, that is,in 2006-07. 

It is considered to be the highest growth figure since the commencement of liberalization in India. At that time, it hoped that in the coming ten-fifteen years, India would end in a level playing field and there would be a deep improvement in the standard of living of the common people. This meant that education and health services in India would be better and the poor person would get direct benefits.

If the situation in India remain the same….?

oxygen nashik
Now in the 75th year of independence,this expectation seems to be breaking. Many countries of the world have managed to cope with the threat of Corona but in India, bad governance,system failure and political short-sightedness have wreaked havoc for public. The crisis of migrant laborers ending employment,the challenge of earning bread in front of crores  of poor and increasing unemployment has become life-threatening. People are waiting for treatment and dying because of lack of oxygen. 

Where my country is going..

There are no wood in the crematoriums. Even after death, the funeral of the number of people is not being done. It can currently be seen in any region of India.

If the situation in India remain the same, what we are expecting now?

People are dying from Corona,yet elections and religious events are not stopped. In a public welfare state, priority should be education,health and development. Public should also vote on this basis. But political parties in India ask for votes on the basis of caste and religion. Unfortunately the public is misguided as well. It is seen that governments are less focused on health. India spends just over a percent of its GDP on health. In the country with a population of one and a half billion,it is very less in terms of health. India is among the countries that spend very little on health services. It also emerged in the Corona era that the condition of health services in India is very bad and there is nothing worth human life here.

Were we ready for such a situation?


India’s position in health services is worse . India’s global ranks lower than Neighbouring Bangladesh  and even sub-Saharan Sudan and Equatorial Guinea. A terrible situation is unfolding in the Corona era in India,It is clear that a decade and a half ago,the prospects of betterment and prosperity were seen,it is over at this time. Conditions have changed so fast  that recovering from this will be challenging for many generations to come. Inequality in India is constantly increasing among all these. When the middle classes and  poor are devastated by the havoc of Corona,then the rich have become more wealthy.

If the situation in India remain the same…?

Oxfam’s report ‘Inequality Virus’ states that in the period after March 2020,there has been such a jump in the wealth of hundred billionaires in India that if this amount is distributed among the 13.8 crore poorest people in the country,then in these each can be given approximately ninety four thousand rupees. It is also seen that India’s socialist structure is in crisis. Government is dismantling public institutions and promoting privatization. Inequality will increase with the disregard of democratic values. If the conditions in India remain the same then instability will increase in the coming decade.

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