Follow Gandhi’s Lifestyle To Deal With This Situation

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     Dr.Brahmadeep Alune

    [Gandhi hai to Bharat hai, the author of the book]

    Follow Gandhi’s Lifestyle to deal with the situation arising out of corona virus. It is not possible to get Gandhi again, but it can only be tried to become Gandhi. After all, Gandhi was very easy,that is why even in crisis, he often remembers and suggests solutions. Even in the crisis of Corona,it is often thought that if Gandhi were there at this time,what would he have done.

    Follow Gandhi’s Lifestyle, simple living high thinking


    In fact, Gandhi had a great imagination to improve his future by taking lessons from the present,he kept working and working in creative ways among the society,there are innumerable messages in his lifestyle on which human community can lead a safe, happy and happy life.

    Cleanliness of body and mind is very important


    The restraint and courtesy was the great power of Gandhi,along with the urge for cleanliness of body and mind was always reflected in Gandhi’s thoughts and conduct. He used to say that someone who pollutes the air by carelessly spitting here and throwing garbage or in some other way polluting the ground, commits sin against both man and Nature.

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    Follow Gandhi’s Lifestyle, Have a sense of well being and sacrifice for others


    Moderated to face Corona’s crisis well,Gandhi’s life remained synonymous with it. The welfare of the entire human race, the preservation of nature, mercy, grace, forgiveness, service, sacrifice is the core spirit of Gandhi’s culture and inspired by this, a crisis like corona can be avoided.

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    Avoid meat drinking, adopt vegetarianism


    In fact, Gandhi was always aware of cleanliness and balanced lifestyle and he also considered it necessary. Gandhi’s lifestyle featured simplicity and discipline with vegetarianism throughout his life. Older and already troubled people with respiratory disease,diabetes and heart disease are more likely to become seriously ill due to corona virus infection.

    It is worth noting among all that people do not even touch such diseases on foot, so the possibility of getting old due to a disease like corona is also eliminated. Gandhi used to walk a lot in his life and this was the main reason for his health.

    Follow Gandhi’s Lifestyle, Drink lemon, honey and lukewarm water

    On the last day of his life, on 30 January, as usual, he got up at three thirty in the morning to pray. Gandhiji cleaned teeth with datun. At five o’clock in the morning,he consumed a glass of lemon, honey and lukewarm water and after one hour drank orange juice.

    Treatment of the corona virus is based on helping the patient’s body breathe and increasing the body’s immunity so that the person’s body is able to fight the virus itself. The type of diet that Gandhiji used to eat was normal but also to increase immunity.