If this post is true then its an alarm bell to everyone in this hilly state. Hopefully the High Court will take the cognizance of it and ask the investigation agencies to probe into the matter and submit report in time bound manner. Or the State police has to increase the vigil to nab the peddlers. is posting this unknown post as warning to every parents that keep tab on their children. “#Chitta” is a fatal drug and rehab is tough.
#indiamoods salute to #TusharRangta who narrated his story live on FB for the cause of saving next generation from this menance. Hopefully police will provide security to him as he said in the FB live that there may be a threat to his life from drug peddlers.

Chitta ☣Special Message To Youth 🙏🚫

Posted by Himalayan Beings on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

For police, when you are hyper active during VIP’s movement, during Vidhan Sabha session and cricket match at #HPCA, then why you are in slumber on the issue of protection of common masses? Be vigilant and nab the perpetrators. Otherwise, you too keep tab on your children they may also fall in this trap.
Presence of #Chitta menance in the state is a question mark on police, state vigilance and CID. If they were working properly then who it entered into the state?
Fight against #Chitta can win by collective efforts at the level of four walls of home and law and order maintained by police. Please come forward and pour message in comment box if this drug is availabe in your areas. So that we can together #Fight_Against_Chitta .
This video has been uploaded on Facebook almost 2 months ago, but no action has been taken from the police administration till now. Young generation of Himachal Pradesh is looking at the young Chief Minister of the state to see what action his government is taking in this case.
kuldeep singh, sr.journalist

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