Chennai Man caught eating half-burnt body in crematorium

Chennai: A ghastly and horrible incident was witnessed in a crematorium in Vasudevanallur town of Tamil Nadu. A group of locals in the town’s T Ramanathapuram area trapped a man in their village crematorium who was eating a half-burnt corpse.
The accused was identified as 43-year-old Murugesan, a daily wage labourer in the village. It was said that the accused had committed similar crimes in the past and his wife had left him because of his bizarre behaviour.

The man might have been indulging in cannibalism for over a month. People had earlier suspected that the bodies in the crematorium were being chewed by dogs but it was then said that the ungodly deed was being done by a man. The villagers then brought in motion a plan to catch the culprit.

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‍Two days ago, an old lady died and her relatives cremated the lady’s body and pretended to return home. They stayed hidden and waited for the cannibal and at 1:30 AM, Murugesan came to the spot with an agricultural sickle. He cut a part of flesh from the corpse using it, brushed off the ash and then started eating it.

The villagers were first frozen still upon witnessing such a hideous sight and then quickly threw stones and shouted at him. However, the accused did not pay any heed to the villagers and continued chomping on the corpse. They informed Vasudevanallur police and the cops caught Murugesan red-handed.


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