BJP MP Takes Sexist Jibe on Priyanka Gandhi, Says ‘Delhi main jeans, UP main sari’


Priyanka Vadra Gandhi’s recent entry into politics made news for two reasons: that the second and last known figure in Gandhi family has officially entered politics, and how Indian politicians have reduced her entry to a mere sexist remark.

Uttar pradesh BJP MP Harish Dwivedi is the recent addition to the list of politicians who made sexist remarks on Priyanka Gandhi. Speaking to the media, Dwivedi said, “Rahul fail hain toh Priyanka bhi fail hain. Jab Priyanka Gandhi Delhi mein rehti hain toh jeans aur top mein rehti hai aur jab shetra mein aati hain toh saree aur sindoor laga kar aati hain.” (If Rahul failed, so will Priyanka. Priyanka Gandhi wears jeans and t-shirt in Delhi, but when she visits her constituency she adorns the saree and sindoor)


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