20 Days Old Infant Sukhdeep Singh who detected corona+ Recovered in Chandigarh


Chandigarh, May 9, 2021

Infant Sukhdeep Singh was just 20 days old when detected Corona positive. And it took him ten days to become Corona Warrior. The prayers of his parents and selfless service and expertise of the doctor and nursing staff carefully nursed him out of the deadly virus.

Infant Sukhdeep Singh-youngest winner in the state


Smiles were all around when infant Sukhdeep Singh, probably the youngest winner in the state, was discharged from Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Jalandhar, yesterday, after passing through all the medical tests including RT-PCR.

Family shocked to know that child was Corona positive


‘Our happiness of having our baby was short lived. We were shocked to know that our child has been detected Corona positive’, said Gurdeep Singh, his father, as both the parents were negative. Hailing from Kapurthala and having a humble background, he said it seems God has heard our prayers that he has recovered with the care and medical services provided by the hospital. Mother Sandeep Kaur’s happiness had no bounds as she cradled him back in the lap with twinkle in her eyes.

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Infant Sukhdeep Singh’s family-Doctors cared a lot

Grandmother Kulwinder Kaur was jubilant. ‘Waheguru di mehar hoi jo mera pauta theek ho ke ghar wapis aa gya. Doctoran ne usda bahut khayal rakheya’, she said. (With God’s grace my grand-son is back home healthy. Doctors also cared a lot)

infant was also upbeat

The nursing staff looking after the infant was also upbeat. ‘We looked after the child with utmost care. It was hard to see an infant passing through all the pain’, said a staff nurse Ruby who was amongst the team. She said the child was spoon milked as his mother was not allowed to feed him because of the obvious reasons.

Pediatric in PIMS Says about Infant Sukhdeep Singh

Dr Jatinder Singh, Pediatric in PIMS under whose supervision the child recovered said that the boy was admitted with high fever and seizures. His case was very challenging for us. All the more challenging was to counsel his parents. But they understood the gravity of the case and fully cooperated to treat the child.

happiness knew no bounds

“In  this second phase of the virus, all need to be protected against and must follow all the instructions given by the government  to save ourselves as well as the society”, cautioned Dr. Singh. 

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